Reception with Oberbürgermeister Geisel

On Monday 19th November 2018 a club meeting was held at The Jan-Wellem-Saal in the Rathaus in Düsseldorf, we had our meeting with Herr Oberbürgermeister Geisel, who is now our Vice President, at the Düsseldorf Rathaus, There was a good turnout with over fifty members attending. The inauguration included a short ceremony and short speeches from Herr Oberbürgermeister Geisel, our club President Rafe Courage and club chairman Ian Mac Kenzie who presented a Certificate to Herr Oberbürgermeister Geisel confirming his office as our club’s vice president.

We are delighted that we now have a Vice President from the heart of the Rathaus as although our club has had contacts over the years with various Oberbürgermeister, this is the first time that one has been inaugurated into our club. We hope this will be a cooperation that will last many years.

After this our members enjoyed drinks and finger food, kindly provided by the Rathaus and would like to thank the Oberbürgermeister and his excellent staff for putting on such a good event.

Formerly it had been a tradition ever since the founding of our club that we would ask the highest ranking British Military officer serving in Nordrhein Westfalia to become our Vice President. This was very successful until most of the military left Germany as a result of the ending of the cold war.

This is therefore an important change in direction for the club and one that can only be seen as very positive given the future involvement and role involving British Citizens in Germany.

We all extend a sincere welcome Herr Geisel to his role as our Vice President and to a pro active ongoing relationship.

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