British Business Club Düsseldorf organises a wide range and variety of events,
nearly all of which are also open to non-members.
bbcd event imageAnnual General Meeting 2020
Industrie Club, Düsseldorf
April 21, 2020
bbcd event imageBurns Night 2020
Industrie Club Düsseldorf
February 7, 2020
bbcd event imageChristmas Market Walk About
Düsseldorfer Christmas Market
December 18, 2019
bbcd event imageBBCD Christmas Party 2019
Industrie Club Düsseldorf
November 22, 2019
bbcd event imageDinner and After Dinner Speech with Alex Goodman
Industrie Club, Düsseldorf
October 22, 2019
bbcd event imageSunday Afternoon Wine Tasting
Weinschule Anderweinig, Düsseldorf
October 20, 2019
bbcd event imageBrexit Talk with Club President Rafe Courage
Industrie Club, Düsseldorf
September 30, 2019
bbcd event imageBrewery Visit
Albrect Brauerei Düsseldorf Niederkassel
September 26, 2019
bbcd event imageAnnual Cricket Match 2019
Engländerwiese in Nordpark, Düsseldorf
July 6, 2019
bbcd event imageCyber Security Event
Châteauform, Düsseldorf
June 27, 2019
bbcd event imageAnnual General Meeting 2019
Industrie Club, Düsseldorf
April 29, 2019
bbcd event imageMahn- & Gedenkstätte Visit Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf Altstadt
March 30, 2019
bbcd event imageCuban Night with Majela van der Heusen
Be-Luga Restaurant, Düsseldorf
March 14, 2019
bbcd event imageBurns' Night Supper
Industrie Club, Düsseldorf
January 25, 2019
bbcd event imageBBCD Christmas Party 2018
Industrie Club, Düsseldorf
December 14, 2018
bbcd event imageAnnual Cricket Match 2018
Engländerwiese, Nordpark, Düsseldorf
July 7, 2018
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