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11th January 2016


Dear visitors to our website

Well the AGM 2016 is now history, but what an excellent AGM it was. The following is an edited version of my report at the AGM.

I think it’s safe to say that the past Club year has been one that has seen major changes. It was at the very first Committee meeting which was held almost immediately after the AGM last year, that all on the Committee agreed that a new web-site was required and at the same time a new logo. I rather jokingly referred to the old system and logo as a suit which had been tailored and cut either in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s. It was now a bit worn and threadbare and definitely no longer in fashion. In other words, it was time to modernise; this I think I can safely say we have done!

It was with that objective in mind, we commissioned a couple of motivated young web-site designers and let them allow their imaginations to run and the results are plain to see. I must admit to having been very apprehensive at revealing our new logo, which we did at the meeting with the talk from Robert Green. I held my breath, but needn’t have worried, there was a burst of spontaneous applause. With the exception of only one member, all those with whom I have since talked have welcomed the new logo enthusiastically!

We need to build on this and apply our strengths into building the web-site up. The objective is to have this web-site being a place where amongst other things, potential new enterprising British persons should look to find out how best to start their businesses or gain access to information on housing, legal issues, taxation etc. This has also been one of the focusses of the Committee, to expand the objectives of the Club into one which puts far greater emphasis on British business than it has until recently, whilst in no way neglecting the social side of things. We need people to want to join the Club because of its potential as a business forum, whilst at the same time being a focal point for meeting friends and associates.

But perhaps more importantly, we want you the members to have more involvement in how the Club is run and organised.

As far as events go, we have had some excellent ones, as well as a couple of disappointing ones. One of the disappointments was undoubtedly the Xmas party and that was entirely my fault. But I can assure you it won’t be a disappointment this year and plans are already in place – more of that later in the year.

Speaking of social events, social media and digital content online, we rather feel that we should and indeed need to involve you as the Members more, in deciding, planning and marketing future events to our members and online community. So we are considering creating a kind of sub-committee, under the leadership of the Social Secretary and we ask for volunteers from you to join this. Anyone feeling motivated to join this, should speak with Clodagh Durkan. I really do encourage any member to consider it. We don’t want this sub-committee to be huge, because then it will become unwieldly, but obviously with more than just one member, namely Clodagh, on her own. There must be one or two of you who have some good ideas, so come on, let’s hear from you.

As I have hinted at, there is still a lot to do, but a lot of this can be achieved through your own input. This web-site is interactive and for you to use accordingly. There are still some key developments to be done and one of these is the photo-gallery and I can assure you that our developers are working on this.

As far as your Committee is concerned, I have to say that as Chairman I have been outstandingly supported by all on the Committee. I am a great believer in teamwork and we were undoubtedly a team and my genuine unrestricted generous thanks to all Committee members, elected and coopted. We said adieu to two of our members. Sylvia Tunmore who stood down as Secretary and Brian Hicks who gave up the Vice-Chairman’s job. Of course we all say very many thanks for your efforts and we wish you well.

There was a bit of a dilemma here. Monique Kerslake kindly offered to become Secretary, but unfortunately as a non-British passport holder, she did not qualify and our statutes are quite clear on this, so we came up with a compromise in the person of Vincent McCue.

Vincent kindly agreed to join the Committee and take the Office of Secretary. He is someone whose job keeps him very active away from Düsseldorf, but before we hear suggestions that we are electing members on to the Committee just for the sake of numbers, I know from conversations with him, that he has a lot to offer the Club and the Committee, so from our point of view he will be a welcome asset. However immediately after the AGM, we coopted Monique Kerslake and she has agreed to carry out the secretarial duties for Vincent.

At the AGM next year, you will also need to elect and appoint a new Treasurer and probably a new Chairman as well. Paul is carrying on for this year only, and so am I. I could possibly, but only possibly, be persuaded to continue for one more year after that, but quite frankly, I would be happy to let someone new and much younger carry the job on. We have brought the Club into a new age and I strongly believe we need a younger person to lead the team. I hit the magic mark of “three score years and ten” later this year in July and whilst I may be reasonably young at heart, I ain’t in mind and body!

So, it is important that successors to both Offices are identified fairly quickly, so that when April next year comes around, we won’t be embarrassed by not knowing who is going to take up the batons.

Finally I say, many thanks for your trust in us as a Committee and me as your Chairman. I hope you will be able to say in one year from now, that we and I did not let you down.

Kind regards

Andrew Gardiner
Hon. Chairman BBCD


Honorary Chairman
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The Committee Members of the British Business Club Düsseldorf e.V.

Andrew Gardiner

Andrew Gardiner

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Tam Pearce

Tam Pearce

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Paul Stheeman

Paul Stheeman

Treasurer View Details
Vincent McCue

Vincent McCue

Secretary View Details
Clodagh Durkan

Clodagh Durkan

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Monique Kerslake

Monique Kerslake

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Andrew Gardiner

Andrew Gardiner

Honorary Chairman

Andrew is the longest served member of the Business Club, having joined in 1972. He was born in Germany, his Mother being German, but moved to Edinburgh when 18 months old. He was educated in various parts of the UK, finally settling down in Hampshire. He joined NAAFI as a computer programmer and was posted to Krefeld in Germany in 1967. In 1981, he joined a German oil exploration Company based in Essen and retired from them in 1999. He has spent considerable lengths of time in Egypt. He is a very keen glider pilot and flying instructor.

Tam Pearce

Tam Pearce

Vice Chair

Tam Pearce was born in Scotland, Joined the British Army in 1983 The Royal Engineers, Tam is a qualified Engineer, as well as a qualified English Teacher, He became self-employed while serving. He left the Army in 2002, taking on MOD and several EU government service contracts, He now runs two small consulting companies as the director with many private companies as clients. This year was Tam’s 25th wedding anniversary. He is a keen mountain climber and mountain leader, and has been a Scout for 42 years running a Scout group in Ayrshire Barracks since 1992. His favourite pastime is holding whisky evenings and Scottish events.

Paul Stheeman

Paul Stheeman


Paul is not only Treasurer of the BBCD, he also is a Treasurer by profession. Since 2010 he is self-employed, setting up Treasury functions for corporations and start-up companies. It was also in 2010 that Paul joined the BBCD. Paul is a Dutch citizen who grew up in the UK and first moved to Germany in 1974. While spending most of his time in Germany since then he has also lived in Norway and the UK. Paul enjoys anything to do with wine and cheese, he travels extensively and since March 2015 enjoys spending time with his granddaughter.

Vincent McCue

Vincent McCue

Clodagh Durkan

Clodagh Durkan

Committee Member

Clodagh is dual national British and Irish and still has a home in Dublin where she attended both UCD and Trinity College. Professionally a Telecoms Security and Security solutions manager, Clodagh has been in Duesseldorf and the club since 2012. She currently works for Vodafone Germany which is her fourth country with Vodafone following assignments in Ireland, Ghana and Italy. She enjoys hiking, sailing, cultural events, and some amateur golf when she gets time to practice.

Monique Kerslake

Monique Kerslake

Committee Member

Monique-Alexandra Kerslake lived in central London for two years and has since returning back to Germany continued Studying Humanities and eventually obtaining the Management Certificate from the British Business University.
Monique is trained in business and has branched in to the Dusseldorf Fashion industry working for Burberry for the last 8 years as Office Manager and Senior Payroll Officer.
As a descendant of the publishing von Schroedel-Siemau family Monique loves books. She has changed her riding boots to Golf clubs, also likes Art, Music, cooking and participating in either charity (Voluntary Service for refugee’s) or business groups.

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